Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings

Architectural Painting

The protection and attractiveness of your structures are very important and we offer a variety of different coating techniques to best suit your needs.

Our services include:
• Decorative and Texture Coatings
• Epoxy Water-Based Applications
• Wall Coverings
• Thin Film Epoxy Floor Coatings
• Quartz/Epoxy Floor Coatings
• Venetian Plaster

High Performance Coating

Many clients need high-performance coatings, such as medical facilities that require hygiene sensitive areas. Our knowledge of these special coatings will ensure that your standards are met.

Our services include:
• 100% Epoxy Systems
• Cementitious Applications
• Fiberglass Reinforced Walls
• Novalac Systems
• Floor Systems
• Shop Coatings

High Temperature Coating

It is vitally important that your facility is operating at maximum efficiency. To extend its operations we protect its surfaces with heat resistant and high-temperature coatings. These applications can be done during scheduled shut downs to reduce impromptu cost & maintenance.

Industrial Cleaning

We execute different types of industrial cleaning and preparation methods that will remove stain, rust, and paint.

Our services include:
• Abrasive Blast Cleaning
• Acid Etching
• Chemical Stripping
• Power Tool Cleaning
• Dry Ice Blasting
• Solvent Cleaning
• Water Blasting (to 40,000 PSI)

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